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You know the saying “mother knows best”? Well, when it comes to hair, my mom certainly does. Remember a few weeks ago, when I was complaining about how crappy my hair had been looking lately? My mom read my blog that day, and recommended a product to me that has solved my problems. The product she recommended is from the brand Organix and costs under $7.00. It’s a Moroccan argan oil product, and is called “weightless healing dry oil.” I sprayed my palms with the oil and then ran my hands through my wet hair, and repeated 3-4x (I have a lot of hair), and then blew it dry. It had shine, shape, and body immediately.  And my hair looks fresh, no greasiness.

 If you’ve been having dry, dull winter hair, I highly recommend this product. I purchased it at Target.

  • 20 February 2013
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