According to Jennifer

Just turned 30. lovely Lawyer. Manhattanite relocated to the suburbs, but still a New Yorker. Shopping enthusiast. Always laughing. Puppy mother. Lover of life and good food. And for rhyming sake, also a new wife!

I wish there were more long weekends. Weekends like this past one. When it seems like you actually have enough time to relax.

Things from the weekend:

  • I got a lot of sleep. Like a lot. 10 hours a night. With naps.
  • We ate. And ate. And ate some more. Like grilled steaks. Twice. Ice cream sundaes. Corn on the cob. Pizza. Wings. Doritos. Pie. You get the idea…
  • Beautiful sunsets. Every night.
  • Time spent with furry critters. Like peanut, my favorite cat ever.
  • My first time at the races in Saratoga. So much fun. Ryan won big bucks.
  • BBQ at Rachael’s house celebrating her finishing a 10k.
  • Tennis and we actually played well.
  • A Sunday night bonfire. Fires are Ryan’s favorite thing. So I was glad he had his fire.
  • Swimming, and more swimming. I love swimming so much.

Needless to say….I am sad to be back at work. Vacation in less than two weeks though. That’s something I can rally behind.

  • 4 September 2012
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