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Just turned 30. lovely Lawyer. Manhattanite relocated to the suburbs, but still a New Yorker. Shopping enthusiast. Always laughing. Puppy mother. Lover of life and good food. And for rhyming sake, also a new wife!

Recipes for 101 Simple Salads for the Season

101 salads. Some of these sound really good. For whatever reason, every salad I make generally tastes exactly the same, and it’s time for me to mix it up!

Bachelorette Spoiler- move along if you don’t know yet


But last night during After The Final Rose when Nick dropped that comment…..YES, you know what I’m talking about.

Ooooooo gurl that was some serious shit. Breaking the unspoken rules of bachelor world. BOLD move, sir. Bold.


I would just like to say that I LOVE that Nick did this. Granted, we don’t all know the full story, but Andi got exactly what she deserved as far as I’m concerned. She could’ve had that talk with Nick privately, but chose not to. I’m sorry but all the people, male or female, who think it’s acceptable to sleep with someone and then never talk to them again can go suck it.  

Scenes from my drive home last night.

I got my hair highlighted like I wanted and I love it! I first had it done a week and a half ago, and it looked great, but very subtle. So I contacted the salon and told them I wanted a little more of a pop and I went back on Saturday and I’m so happy with the results!

I also had about 3 inches cut off, but you’d never know it.

A blessing and a curse…
One of the elements that first caught my eye about our house is the charming built-ins.
What I didn’t foresee was how annoying it would be to decorate  20+ shelves. And how annoying they would be to dust and clean. And how easy it would be to just shove random things on the shelves when you didn’t know where to put them.
I decorated this one shelf the other day and I really like how it came out. Now I’m just trying to decide what to do with the other 20+ shelves!
Tell me that this face is not the definition of pitiful…


Today Hunter is getting spayed. And although I know she’s in very good hands, I’m a nervous wreck. I know this is the best decision for her, but I still hate to think about her being in pain and discomfort. I’ll feel much better after I hear from her doctor and know she’s out of surgery. If you have any thoughts to spare, please think of my furry little pup today.


the herringbone vest is back! 


Hunter the Goldendoodle

Look who was featured as the puppy of the day!

Thirty Things I’ve Learned

This list is very true. It’s a great reminder.

My favorite berry.

Wedding Details - Flowers

From speaking with other people,  I quickly learned that wedding flowers can eat up a big portion of your wedding budget. I knew I wanted a wedding venue that boasted natural beauty so that I could cut some corners when it came to flowers. Our venue was lush, with gorgeous wooden floors, a sparkling chandelier, fireplaces adorned with candles. It had a romantic feel, that was both rustic and elegant.  Although I had intended to cut back when it came to flowers, I ended up finding an incredible florist who gave me exactly what I wanted (and much more!).  And miraculously - it was under budget.

My inspiration:

My bouquet - peonies and mini green hydrangea.


Bridesmaids bouquets - white roses, mini green hydrangea and green berries.




Finding a Florist:

Around December/January, I started pricing out different florists that were recommended by my vendor, as well as others in the area. The process was frustrating - most florists were extremely expensive, throwing around quotes between $3,500 - $5,000, and a lot were already booked for the month of June.

By coincidence, I went into Whole Foods to pick up some berries and spotted an adorable mini bouquet that was almost exactly what I was looking for. I spoke with the florist and found out - Whole Foods does weddings! Not only was Whole Foods so much more reasonable than the florists I had spoken with, but they basically told me that they would find a way to do whatever I wanted within my budget. After booking them, I spoke with their floral department on a few occasions, sent them pictures, exchanged some emails - the whole experience was generally easy and hands off. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but they really blew me away with the final product.

This was the sample arrangement they made for me:


I knew I wanted mercury style vases, but I wasn’t having success finding the shape and size that I wanted. So I decided to make them myself. This was so easy to do, and I was so glad I did it. I loved how they turned out. Also, I hate to keep bringing up costs, but if you’re trying to do your wedding on a budget, similarly styled vases were running anywhere from $10 - $30. These vases cost me around $2.00 a piece.

  The Finished Product:

Whole Foods exceeded my expectations in every way. The flowers were nearly identical to my inspiration images, they were easy to work with, professional, and so affordable. I would use them again for any event in a heartbeat.