According to Jennifer

Just turned 30. lovely Lawyer. Manhattanite relocated to the suburbs, but still a New Yorker. Shopping enthusiast. Always laughing. Puppy mother. Lover of life and good food. And for rhyming sake, also a new wife!

Thirty Things I’ve Learned

This list is very true. It’s a great reminder.

My favorite berry.

Wedding Details - Flowers

From speaking with other people,  I quickly learned that wedding flowers can eat up a big portion of your wedding budget. I knew I wanted a wedding venue that boasted natural beauty so that I could cut some corners when it came to flowers. Our venue was lush, with gorgeous wooden floors, a sparkling chandelier, fireplaces adorned with candles. It had a romantic feel, that was both rustic and elegant.  Although I had intended to cut back when it came to flowers, I ended up finding an incredible florist who gave me exactly what I wanted (and much more!).  And miraculously - it was under budget.

My inspiration:

My bouquet - peonies and mini green hydrangea.


Bridesmaids bouquets - white roses, mini green hydrangea and green berries.




Finding a Florist:

Around December/January, I started pricing out different florists that were recommended by my vendor, as well as others in the area. The process was frustrating - most florists were extremely expensive, throwing around quotes between $3,500 - $5,000, and a lot were already booked for the month of June.

By coincidence, I went into Whole Foods to pick up some berries and spotted an adorable mini bouquet that was almost exactly what I was looking for. I spoke with the florist and found out - Whole Foods does weddings! Not only was Whole Foods so much more reasonable than the florists I had spoken with, but they basically told me that they would find a way to do whatever I wanted within my budget. After booking them, I spoke with their floral department on a few occasions, sent them pictures, exchanged some emails - the whole experience was generally easy and hands off. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but they really blew me away with the final product.

This was the sample arrangement they made for me:


I knew I wanted mercury style vases, but I wasn’t having success finding the shape and size that I wanted. So I decided to make them myself. This was so easy to do, and I was so glad I did it. I loved how they turned out. Also, I hate to keep bringing up costs, but if you’re trying to do your wedding on a budget, similarly styled vases were running anywhere from $10 - $30. These vases cost me around $2.00 a piece.

  The Finished Product:

Whole Foods exceeded my expectations in every way. The flowers were nearly identical to my inspiration images, they were easy to work with, professional, and so affordable. I would use them again for any event in a heartbeat.

Oh how I love this dog. She is so cute. So sweet. And so cuddly. She brings happiness wherever she goes. I just wish I could bring her to work with me.

As I ranted about many times, I didn’t love every aspect of wedding planning. The majority of the planning fell on my shoulders and it was a lot of work. And a lot of money. If I had an unlimited amount of time and a huge budget, I would’ve enjoyed the planning process much more.

With that being said, there were parts that I loved. I’ve wanted to write about some specifics in the wedding planning process that I haven’t shared here (mostly because I didn’t have the time), but that were meaningful and enjoyable to me. One part was picking out invitations. I wanted budget-friendly invites, that didn’t look like they were on a budget (I know, don’t we all). After ordering so many samples online, I finally found the best day paper co. on etsy. I immediately fell in love with a number of Jamie’s samples, and we worked together to make a final product that I was absolutely thrilled with. I still swoon over our invites, they were gorgeous and exactly what I had envisioned.

Have I ever mentioned that I make a mean baked ziti? 
love this.

We got our wedding teaser photos last night and I adore them. I’m so incredibly happy with how everything turned out. I feel like I am reliving moments of the wedding as I go through the pictures and it’s a reminder of how magical our wedding day was. I can’t speak highly enough of our photographer, Jason. He is not only great at what he does, but he also feels like an old friend and has a very calming presence (which, I recommend for anyone planning their wedding, you should surround yourself with as many calming people as you possibly can because it is a STRESSFUL day). Hiring him was one of our best wedding decisions.

Dieting Conundrums

  • Eat a little of something that tastes good, I.e., a small piece of a cookie.
  • Eat a lot of something that doesn’t taste as good, but is low calorie/fat, etc. I.e., some sort of 100 calorie pack, or other poor substitute for a delicious cookie.
  • Cold turkey, no cookie at all.

I haven’t figured out which method works best for me. I don’t think I have the willpower to have just a few bites, and the low-fat options are kind of depressing. I also can’t have any artificial sweeteners. I always want to eat like 3+ cookies. Just recently, I hate half a tray of brownies. Sadly, I think my only option is to learn to live without the cookie.

This weekend was so relaxing and peaceful. We spent most of it at home, going to our pool, relaxing outside, playing with the pup and taking care of some much-needed cleaning and house organization.

The weekend highlights included when Ryan and I decided not to go out to eat on Friday, and grilled a few pounds of steak. Corn on the cobb, sweet potato fries and a huge salad. And for dessert, talenti with chocolate chip cookies. Heaven.

On Saturday, we went to the city and brought Hunter. She did SO well! She could almost pass for a city dog. We hung out in the park - Hunter made a million friends - there’s literally not a person or animal she doesn’t like.

As expected, it is devastating going back to work today. I wish every weekend could be a holiday.

A puppy scare

The little one gave herself a bad electric shock. It was so scary - she let out these loud, loud screams and ran into my lap bleeding profusely from her mouth. A few minutes later, she seemed to bounce back to her normal self, but we brought her to the vet anyway just to make sure. Everything seems to be fine, but she’s spending the day there just to make sure. Ryan and I managed to stay calm, but it felt awful to be so helpless and to see my poor little pup in pain.

Hunter, 6 months

Our little beast is looking and acting less and less like a puppy with each day that goes by. She’s become a huge cuddle monster, rarely has an accident, and is still learning how to walk on a leash. Her favorite toy is a plastic water bottle (any plastic water bottle). She has a scary sounding bark, but loves all humans and dogs. Every morning, I give her a long belly rub and then we take a walk around the neighborhood. She knows sit, down, stay, wait, outside, watch, go to bed and good girl. She also knows no, off, stop…but only selectively listens.

She’s a lot of work, but so worth it. There really is no greater feeling than coming home to your dog.