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My coworker sent me this and I am dying.

all about the reblogs this week…


My coworker sent me this and I am dying.

all about the reblogs this week…

“People who believe they’ll be happy if they go and live somewhere else, learn it doesn’t work that way. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.”


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So very, very true.

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The wedding is ALMOST here

I’m so excited. I can’t wait to marry Ryan. I can’t wait to put on my beautiful white dress and tell Ryan how much I love him, and then party. I can’t wait for the wedding planning to be over. I can’t wait for our honeymoon, and my bachelorette party. I’m so excited to finally be able to wear my wedding band, and to watch our wedding video and to celebrate anniversaries. I’m so looking forward to losing this last bit of weight, and then being able to ditch the wedding  diet. I can’t wait to have a tan! And have more than two days off of work. It’s all so close I can really feel it.

Some decisions in life have left me with a lot of doubts. I.e., law school. But marrying Ryan is a certain.

Gotta reblog Yost as a gif. I know this guy!

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Happy Easter

one day late…

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Thanks for everyone’s tips on dog nipping!! I’m hoping she outgrows this soon!

Dog Owners - Help!

Our little Hunter is a teething/nipping/biting monster! I’ve read so much about how to stop the biting, but nothing really seems to click for her and the biting is incessant.   We’ve tried yelping, saying no bite and ending play, leaving the room, holding her mouth shut (she hated this, and not in a deterring sort of way). I know she’s doing it to play and has no clue it’s painful (despite my yelps), but it IS painful and I would love for it to stop (and also I have a fear she’s going to grow up into a mean, biting older dog which is basically my worst dog fear ever).

So, if any of you faced this issue - how did you get your pups to stop, or at least learn, some control over their nipping?

Snow in April. This must be a cruel joke.

In non-puppy related news,

We had our big wedding planning meeting where we set our menu, decided on linens. made our choice of alcohol, set the timeline of events and so on. It was a little stressful, but I’m glad to have that taken care of. I think we’re almost on track in the wedding process. Less than 2 months away, can you believe it?

We also had our cake tasting, and opted for a marble cake with chocolate mousse and cannoli layers. Delicious!

Okaaaaaaaay, back to the puppy…

My days have been very consumed with the puppy. Even when I’m not actually involved with her, I’m reading up on how to be a better puppy owner. It’s exhausting! It has, however, been an incredible tool in the wedding diet. Post-Hunter I am down 5.5 lbs. Woooooohooooo! Almost there.

My last exciting news is that I got two extremely reasonable herve leger dresses at the Rent the Runway sample sale. Bachelorette party, here I come (in a few weeks)!

We started a new chapter in our lives: Us + Puppy.

I’ve been pretty MIA from tumblr, and that’s because every waking second has been dedicated to work, taking care of puppy, reading about how to be the best owner to puppy, and cleaning up after puppy. But, I finally have a few minutes - so here she is, our precious little Hunter. Hunter is a golden doodle, and probably will be around 60lbs, give or take a few. She is incredibly soft, loves having her belly rubbed, has a hearty appetite, and hasn’t seen a toy she doesn’t love. She’s incredibly smart and has already learned her name, how to sit, and is starting to get the hang of fetch.

She’s lucky she’s so cute because she’s a true terror. Earning her the nickname of the late Homeland character, Abu Nazir (I don’t know why, but this somehow stuck but it’s not really all that funny…lol). Before getting Hunter, I think I had glorified all the great aspects of having a puppy, and glossed over the more difficult aspects. Having a puppy is so much work. It’s rewarding, but I’m finding that at least in the early days it’s more of a challenge than fun. I know she won’t stay a puppy forever and I’m trying to enjoy it, but after a bad case of the puppy zoomies, a few too many mouthing episodes with those prickly little puppy teeth, and about 10 accidents in under 20 minutes…I was in tears last night.

Today is a new day. I just went home to spend some time with my girl over lunch and she flooded me with little puppy kisses. We plan to enroll her in puppy kindergarten soon, and I look forward to all the joy that Hunter will surely bring to our lives.

Dog owners!!

If you could give me one excellent piece of advice in raising your puppy, what is it?